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Pre-purchase vehicle inspection Sydney

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Platinum check from CarChex is the most popular choice for astute car buyers, it ensures a detailed check of all the mechanics, body and interior as in the comprehensive check and includes an on board diagnostics scan of the vehicle.
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The comprehensive inspection incorporates over 250 separate checks and a 3-5km road test, making it one of Australia’s most detailed vehicle inspection reports.
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This is an 80+ point check covering the general mechanicals, body and interior, a basic version of our comprehensive check.
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Mechanical checks are made on the motor, gear box, differential, and drive line to give you a comprehensive assessment of the vehicle's mechanical health.
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Body & Chassis
Any major collision or rust damage can compromise the structural safety of a vehicle. As a result our vehicle body & chassis inspection incorporates a detailed safety check across the entire vehicle body shell.
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Pre-purchase vehicle inspection Sydney

What Should You Get in a Pre-purchase Vehicle Inspection in Sydney?

Sydney residents that are considering purchasing pre-owned vehicles are well advised to have the vehicle inspected prior to purchase. That’s all well and good, but unless you purchase used cars with regularity, you probably don’t know what to look for in a pre-purchase vehicle inspection in Sydney, so how would you know whether or not you’re getting a good one?

The inspector should give you a written report that includes a checklist of common areas where potential problems are found. The report should indicate whether or not that area was inspected, and what the findings were. Vehicles should be inspected both at a standstill, and while driving.
The common areas that should be listed on a pre-purchase vehicle inspection in Sydney are, at a minimum, the vehicle’s body, the vehicle’s tyres, the vehicle’s electrical system, the vehicle’s engine, and the vehicle’s under body. Each area will have a number of different items included under it, for a total of at least 50 specific inspection points. These areas should all be inspected for current condition, and any defects noted.

The inspector should also divide problem areas into those things that absolutely must be fixed in order for the vehicle to be purchased, such as issues with the brakes, and those things that should be fixed to return the vehicle to optimal performance. Ideally, the inspector will also let you know how much fixing those things is likely to cost so that you know how to adjust the price of the vehicle.

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Testimonials Recently we used your vehicle inspection service.
We are writing to express our complete satisfaction with the whole process.
Paul Bell performed a very extensive inspection and the report we received was excellent.
He spoke to both my partner, Karin Thomassen and her son Trent.
He was courteous, helpful and very professional.

Thank you once again for a great service and we would not
hesitate to either use you again or to recommend to friends. Testimonials

Darryl M.

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