Platinum Car Inspections

Platinum Car Inspections

  • Premium inspection for complete peace of mind
  • Includes comprehensive checks plus Diagnostics, PPSR, history and warranty
  • 30 day Warranty included
  • Detailed report & phone meeting with your inspector

Our premium car inspection service from State Roads is the most popular choice for astute car buyers.  It ensures a detailed check of all the mechanics, body and interior of any used car to ensure you don’t buy a lemon

Purchasing a used car can be a significant financial investment – so the last thing you want is for your new pride and joy to turn into a money pit.

The plantinum car inspection incorporates over 250 separate checks and a 3-5km road test, making it one of Australia’s most detailed vehicle inspection reports. The five page report gives you the confidence you need to buy a vehicle with complete peace of mind.   You will receive ppsr, history report and the peace of mind of a 30 day warranty.

It’s ok if you’re not mechanically minded because each report is accompanied by direct personal feedback from your vehicle inspector. On top of the detailed mechanical and body inspections, the comprehensive and platinum car inspection includes full interior check.

Onsite professional car inspections

The interior inspection from State Roads will ensure detailed testing of the following:

  • Carpet
  • Interior lights
  • Exterior mirrors
  • Heater operation
  • Steering wheel
  • Sun roof
  • Seat belts
  • Fuel & temperature gauges
  • Air vents
  • Wipers
  • A/C operation
  • Park brake
  • Horn
  • Electric windows
  • Dash board
  • Warning lights

Comparison Chart

Compare our inspection packages

Platinum Comprehensive Standard Mechanical Body & Chasis
Road Test

Standard- Involves an 80 + point inspection
Comprehensive/ Platinum- involves 250+ point inspection

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